Sometimes we just need a soft place to land. To explore where our past experiences intersect with the present and with this understanding, learn to move forward with confidence and new-found strength.

Things are hard right now for many. With uncertainty, our understanding of the world shifts. Making sense of our thoughts, feelings and emotions in the safe and confidential space of therapy can help us make sense of our experiences and tools needed to make sense of it all.

Welcome. My name is Lindsay Malleck. I am delighted you are here. It is a hard decision to reach out for support in the therapeutic context. Working from a person-centered approach, I work with individuals and couples. I love supporting new parents as they grapple with making sense of the transition to parenthood, and as they grow, supporting parents as they in turn raise their kids. I work with couples as they make sense of the shift in their dynamic as kids enter the nest. I also support individuals and couples with symptoms of anxiety, depression, working through grief, questions of spirituality and meaning making. Within the safe space of the therapeutic relationship, I will support you to understand how you may have come to do some of things you do, adjust where needed and work towards transformation. I am here to listen. And in being heard authentically we discover in new ways who we are, and where we are headed.


I work with individuals in the therapeutic context, working alongside clients to work through symptoms of anxiety and depression to name a few, but also supporting people as they process grief, grapple with different parenting challenges, look to those moments that impacted their self-esteem that play out in the present, or maybe for some it is finally bringing to the surface that ‘thing’ that is weighing heavy on the heart.


I work with couples to identify unhelpful patterns and working together in the therapeutic context you will learn new ways to operate and learn to work together as the pair you imagined when things first started out. Sometimes it’s easier to express the harder emotions: “I’m angry”, but lying underneath this noise, is often a small part of oneself that needs to be heard by the other. And instead of “I’m angry”, learn to express the insecurity and fear.

Reach out today.

Your journey starts now.


I offer services by video-conferencing or in person, centrally located in Ottawa.


$160 + HST per 50-minute session. (e-transfer accepted)


Counselling services are not covered by OHIP, however many insurance plans provide partial or full coverage. You will be provided with a receipt upon payment to be submitted for reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours needed for cancellation.

Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying) #009487